Self cook supper club – answers

Hopefully these are the answers to any of your questions. Send us an email if you need any more help.

Why can’t I order one meal?
Sorry about that, we understand if you are living on our own this may be inconvenient but in the trial period we have to take a few shortcuts.

Can I give you back your bags and jars?
Yes please, just leave them out on your delivery day

I am allergic to nuts, what shall I do?
As we say on the packaging the products are packed in an environment where there are nuts. Every week there will be at least one meal that is nut free.

I am gluten free, what shall I do?
The meals will be packed in an environment where there is gluten but every week there will be at least one gluten free meal

It’s raining, is my order going to get wet?
No, we will either put it out of the rain or in a compostable plastic bag

Why are you using plastic bags?
Sometimes plastic is the best solution so we use Ultra-Green PolyBio Starch-based plastic that can compost quickly into component parts

Why is The Film & Video Workshop mentioned in the Paypal transactions?
The Film & Video Workshop is our parent charity and is holding the money for us whilst we get the new charity “I’m at work” set up

Who are the autistic young adults?
They young people involved with this project all go to Spa school, the country’s largest 6th form for young people with¬† autism. Park college is one of their new ventures. The student have complex needs and are unable to attend mainstream college.