We are a non-profit making organisation. Our aim is to help people find meaningful and engaging employment. We focus on SEND (Special Education Needs & Disabilities) workers and others who face barriers to engagement.

We are currently working with Park College  (special needs), providing business enterprises for their students to learn about employment

Workers rights

We believe it is everybody’s right to be employed in a place that values your contribution and rewards you fairly for your effort.

Bike repairs and sales

Park Bikes will be selling 2nd hand bikes and providing top quality servicing and well as offering fantastic accessories. The college students are given used bikes which then undergo a complete renovation. They will be learning bike tech under the careful watch of our in house professional mechanic. The bikes will be for sale and available on a sliding price scale  based on family income.

self cook supper club

The Self Cook Supper Club – end of trial

We have just finished the initial 5 week trial, we all had a wonderful time and thanks for supporting us – your contribution was invaluable. We will now go through the results, talk to everyone and plan out the next move.

The Self Cook Supper Club delivered fresh plant based ingredients and recipes to your doorstep. The pilot scheme is for houses within 10 mins cycling distance of Bishops house SE11 4AS

The scheme’s objectives are as follows;

  • to provide work experience to young adults with special needs with the ultimate aim of finding them meaningful and engaging employment
  • to be plastic free. We will buy fruit and veg in bulk and not use plastic in our packaging.
  • to minimise food waste by providing exactly what is needed for each recipe
  • to showcase delicious and easy to make plant based recipes and encourage meat-free days
  • As far as possible, use organic produce

Self Cook Supper Club is non-profit making , managed by volunteers, staffed by young adults with special needs and overseen by an experienced chef.

How does it work?
We are looking for a limited number of households to participate in the pilot scheme at reduced introductory prices in exchange for providing detailed feedback.

The pilot will run from Monday 12th Nov to Monday 3rd Dec 2018. Each week three different recipes will be available for delivery on a Monday or Thursday. Deliveries will take place between 2 and 5pm.

We will probably have more people interested in the project than places available, so once you have registered there will be a short delay until either we invite you to proceed onto the trial or let you know you’re on the waiting list. We will do this on a first-come-first-served basis.

We are expecting you to have oil, pepper, salt and basic kitchen tools.

Portions for each recipe can be ordered in multiples of 2 servings. This will cost no more than £3.50 per portion during the pilot phase.
1 order – 2 portions – £7
2 orders – 4 portions – £12
3 orders – 6 portions – £17
4 orders – 8 portions – £21

Orders for Monday need to be made by 11:00 on Sunday
Orders for Thursday need to be made by 13:00 on Wednesday

Once you click the link you will be accepting our privacy policy and terms & conditions. You will then be taken to a page to create an account – please fill in your address and any other relevant details

You are not obliged to buy anything

Can you help?

We are looking for people to volunteer to help us, if you are interested please get in touch